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finalfantasyart's Journal

Final Fantasy Fan Art
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:: final fantasy fan art community ::

hey all =) i suppose the title is self-explanitory, so if you draw final fantasy art or like to look at others, go ahead and join! this community was created and monitored by: babyjami

:: rules ::

- must be final fantasy artwork~!
- if you're posting fan artwork, it must be YOUR OWN. if we catch you using someone else's artwork you'll be removed from the community.
- wallpapers are allowed. if you're going to use someone else's art in the wallpaper please credit where the art is from (a link or e-mail or something)
- characters from squaresoft crossovers are allowed, though they must be final fantasy (for example: cloud, leon, yuffie, sephiroth in kingdom hearts)
- if there are other characters in the work that aren't from final fantasy, that's okay, as long as there are final fantasy characters in it.
- yaoi/yuri/slash art is allowed but please say in your description if your work is either.

:: suggested upload guide ::

it would be nice if everyone uploaded using this guide - would make viewing a lot easier for everyone. you don't have to use this guide, but~ ..just copy and paste this into your entry and fill it out.

final fantasy:

:: contact ::

if you have any questions or concerns, let me know~! just e-mail me with the e-mail seen on the community's profile, babyjami@shaw.ca